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Mexican Twisted

Our Story

"We've love every minute of our journey"

Where it all started

We were offered the opportunity to cater a lovely wedding, the bride and groom where amazing, the process was hard and difficult, but the lesson was appreciated. We fell in love with the opportunity to put a smile on people's faces as they enjoyed good flavorful food. The day was a success for the couple and our passion for Mexican Twisted grew.

Where we hope to go

Since the day from our first catering, We have grown to love this journey more and more. We appreciate being part of all the weddings, birthdays, and special occasions. We hope to continue through this journey with the ultimate goal of growing this into a full-time restaurant one day. Thank you for the mass support.

Where were at

We have learned and grown so much in the last years, we have expanded our menu to fit all budgets, we are exploring more healthier options, and we have been tirelessly working on making sure everyone that deals with Mexican Twisted enjoys the love we cook with.