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Try any of our delicious Mexican combinations from our popular 3 Meat Taco Bars to plated combos. 

Our prices include staff to serve buffet style including plates & eating utensils.

If your going with a certain theme or prefer chinaware, please contact your local linen/rental provider for the best prices.

 Taco Bar                          $11.95

Choice of 3 Meats, rice, beans, spicy red salsa, green tomatillo salsa, cheese, pickled jalapeños, chopped red onion, cilantro and limes.

 ***Al Carbon Taco Bar         $13.95

Enjoy our tender Mesquite smoked Steak & Chicken grill smoked over infused wood flavors, choice of 3rd meat, cheese quesadillasrice, beans, spicy red salsa, green tomatillo salsa, Pico de Gallo, pickled carrots & jalapeños, chopped red onion, cilantro and limes.

 Carnitas plate                  $12.95

Pork fried in spices, served with rice, beans, garnished with cilantro, chopped red onions, limes, spicy red salsa, Pico de Gallo and tortillas.

 Birria Plate                      $12.95

Beef slowly cooked in spices, served with corn tortillas, rice, beans, garnished with cilantro and chopped red onion & choice of consume


Steak (Carne Asada)

Grilled Chicken

Al Pastor w/pineapple

Carnitas and/or with Buche


Grilled Veggies

Tilapia fish (Pico de Gallo) extra


Add additional meat 

for $2 a guest

Pico de Gallo - $2.00 per guest

Quesadillas - $2.00 per guest

Creamy Avocado - $65 (feeds 30)

Roasted red potatoes $35 (feeds 25-30) 

Grilled onions & jalapeños - $35 (feeds 30-35)

Beverages - served in a mexican jug, ice, cups & ladle for $80

Sweetened Passion Ice Tea


Strawberry Lemonade


Infused water - $55